Roadmap for ICO
Step by step plan
We will conduct your project on the path of legal and technical preparation for the procedure of ICO (Initial coin offering)
Acquaintance with the customer's project and starting consultation (before signing the contract)
Selecting jurisdiction for company registration
Maintenance of procedures for registration and obtaining business licenses and permits (including licenses for carrying out activities
with crypto currency)
Legal audit of the concept
Analysis of White Paper and the logic of the issue, the formation of recommendations and the final version
Technical platform
The deployment of the technical platform to the chosen jurisdiction and the declared logic of the issue
Accounts and payment systems
Opening of accounts in banks and payment systems
Completion of legal training,
including a set of documentation
Final audit
Legal and technical audit of the entire infrastructure before the launch of the ICO project
Procedure, legal and technical support
Request advice and offer
We will advise you free of charge on technical and legal issues of the ICO organization and we will select an individual solution